Expansion Pack


Monster Marsh

My Halloween print ~ screenprinted by the good, fine people at Burlesque of North America.

See it in all it's wall-hung glory at the Halloween Party on All Hallows Eve, at the Pink Hobo gallery. 8pm - witching hour.


Threadless <3's Geeks Challenge 2 of 2

Score this design: "Brainstorm Chasers," to help it get printed on Threadless!


Cars that Roll

Two that are going to speed down the track: My Dad's zero emissions green car (awaiting final touches) and my springloaded speed demon.


City Pages 3rd Annual Comix Issue

Published online and in this week's distributed issue. I found out about the open call via supreme comic overlords Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon of Big Time Attic. Congrats everyone that got one in ~ it's a pleasure to read.